Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Price of Freedom

I remember our Dad telling us to never forget Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Well, now we need to tell our children to never forget 9.11.2001.

Both events took our nation down deep to the depth of our souls. I was not around for the Pearl Harbor attack which plunged us into World War II, but I will never forget where I was, on that surreal morning of 911. Driving from our home in San Ramon, CA to Silicon Valley early Tuesday morning, I turned on the radio to hear what sounded too crazy to believe a news story of what was happening in New York City. After shock and disbelief, my next thoughts turned to what was going on. I arrived at the place of work, and saw they had a television turned on with everyone gathered around, in shocked disbelief, watching the first World Trade Center burning. Reports came in that other airplanes were involved. Then the Pentagon. Then another plane plows into the other World Trade Center tower. Then one of the towers came tumbling down. After the feelings of shock and disbelief somewhat subsided then anger set in. I was angry with what these terrorists had done to us as a nation and for the loss of innocent life.

On this day, my thoughts go out to the families that have lost loved ones and our Military, and am thankful that they are fighting the fight of freedom for us all. Sure there are people in this country that don't appreciate what the price of freedom is for them, but our military men and women our fighting for them too. The world is much smaller today than ever before. We must never forget and always keep up the good fight today, tomorrow, and forever. This is the price of freedom. Never Forget!