Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Week to Digest The President Elect

Well, the country has had a little over a week to digest the election results.

It looks to me like the stock market hasn't had a miraculous change in prognostication. If anything, it looks like the outlook for things are going to get worse. Now, some of you may be thinking that we shouldn't think any negative thoughts because that seems very unsettling for the soul. We'll it doesn't hurt to prepare yourself for what is likely to come. As the old Boy Scott motto says, "Be prepared." Prepare for the worst, but pray for the best. As you probably noticed I added pray for the best instead of hope for the best.

Now that Obama is our President Elect, we must pray that he doesn't screw up our nation beyond repair. Let's pray for him too. However, if change is what 51% of the voters wanted, change is what we are going to get. Another saying is, "Be careful for what you ask for, because you might get it."

Let's think about this for a moment. Obama was asked if he was going to implement his tax plan on the top 5% of companies to increase their taxes, or cut taxes for the 95% of other people. He never answered the question but instead stated his tax plan "would have" done this or done that. Very subtle change in his speech pattern from the day before the election to a few days after the election. Days before the election he was saying his tax plan will do this or will do that. Now he is already changing his tune. This is the change that 51% of America wanted??? Give me a break. He never intended to honor any of his promises (except what he can get away with), nor will he go to the center for government leading. We are in for a government extreme like this country has never seen before.

OK, yes I am getting upset here, but I pray that Obama doesn't follow his promise to implement his tax plan on the companies that are making a profit today. If you think the stock market has taken a nosedive in recent weeks, just wait till you see the hammer come down on this. Companies are dropping like flies right now; if Obama does what he promised, and taxes those other companies at the top, you can bet that it will make the economy worse. You think these companies have deep pockets? Think again. Look what happened during the Great Depression. Read the following article: How FDR's New Deal Harmed Millions of Poor People. Remember, those that don't study history are doomed to repeat it, and I do fear that we are doomed to repeat history once again.

Since we are coming up with a number of sayings, we need to look at the Law of unintended consequences. We live in a global economy today. This recession that we are in, is global in nature. We must not forget that. A number of Americans live in a cocoon world, and think that everything is black or white when it comes to taxes on the wealthy. Liberals want to feel good about themselves, and it is easy to give other peoples' money away in the form of government spending initiatives. But government spending is not the answer. Reducing government is the answer. Once you create a government program, it is near impossible to remove it from the government bankrolls. The government entity becomes a hungry mouth to feed. It hires people that are very nonproductive, and the next thing you know we have 5% of the people in the country trying to support the other 95% through tax and spend policies.

The only thing that government tax and spend policies provides is more voters to vote for the same people or types of people to do more tax and spend.

So, my gut feeling, after seeing Obama after the election at press conferences, seeing what types of people he is placing around him, a new chief of staff, "who has a reputation as a tough, hard, take-no-prisoners, head-in-your-face, scream-and-shout, send-them-a-dead-fish partisan" quoted Karl Rove, from an article in the New York Times; we can only conclude that Obama is headed toward the far left.

So, if you want to place your head in the sand, and take the attitude that you can't make a change for the better, and say to yourself the serenity prayer, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, have courage to change the things I can, and have the wisdom to know the difference," and fall on the section to accept these things I cannot change, you are free to do so. However, I pray as a nation that we don't settle for an attitude of mediocrity, that an individual or individuals can not make a difference today, because I don't buy it.

Upon thinking about this, I think we need to pray a lot for our nation, to have the courage to say what is right, to do the right thing, even if it is "A voice of one calling in the desert...," even when the world around them is falling apart at the seams. By-way-way, John stood up for what was right, got thrown in prison, had his head chopped off, and served on a platter. But, he made a difference that will forever last. You have to ask yourself today, will I make a difference that will last?