Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dan Rooney Loves Obama, Not his Tax Policies

Why Dan Rooney fell for Obama
(The Pittsburgh Steeler's Boss)

There is something that strikes me as strange in the article.

Mr. Rooney supported this guy for the following reasons???

"This is the greatest speech I've seen since John Kennedy," Dan said into the phone. "This guy connects with people like no one I've seen since John Kennedy. He convinced me that this is more than just a good politician. I want to stand up and say something for this guy. I want to be involved in this."

Because he gives a good speech.
Because people swoon over Obama.

"It's something he chose to get involved with and from my standpoint it has a lot to do with his legacy, and that's something that's important to me," he said. "His support of Obama is much more macro than micro; it's based on themes and not specific policy initiatives. There are a lot of things on which he disagrees with Obama. But he sees those themes as universal and critical.

Because he doesn't support Obama on a lot of things that are unimportant, yet he supports him on themes that are universal and critical, and he supports Obama on his legacy. What kind of double talk is that? What themes is he talking about. Obama's lies, Obama's false promises, Obama's pandering for votes that he indeed got, Obama's double talk, Obama's background affiliations, Obama's promise to talk with terriost nations (with no pre conditions), and Obama's.... Give me a break...

You bet, when I saw the Steeler's number 8 jersey given to Obama, it made me mad. If I here one more time about a blind visceral connection to Obama, which the lovers of Obama keep on stating, it will be one time too many times for me.

Now Dan Rooney is no dummy and he is not blind to what is going to happen to tax policies in 2009. Rooney knows that he will likely be hit with new taxes. So he now is trying to close up a deal prior to the end of 2008, because he knows Obama's tax plan is likely to be retroactive to the beginning of 2009.

They love Obama but not his taxes

"Last week, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the other four Rooney brothers had stepped up efforts to complete an agreement to sell their shares in the team to Dan Rooney and his son, Art, before the first of the year. They want to present details to the NFL's finance committee in time for the league owners meeting Dec. 17 in Dallas."

What they plan to do is perfectly legal, but isn't there something unseemly about it? When you campaign for a candidate who promises to raise taxes on the wealthy and then rush to wrap up the deal of a lifetime to avoid a bigger tax bill, you leave yourself open to a lot of backlash. After all, as Joe Biden put it, wouldn't it be more patriotic to wait until you could pay a bigger share? Read the complete article at the

Come on Dan, you are not being very patriotic. I've been a longtime fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. You really should do your patriotic duty, and give me some of that money too.